Loving this "being on tour" thing!

Hi! I’m writing this from Newport, Oregon! I’ve been travelling up the coast from LA, exploring and gigging along the way and it’s AMAZING! I love travelling around the US - I love the people, the places and the vibe! Most of all I LOVE meeting new people and hearing their stories. It truly is one of the great privileges of being a touring musician.

So I’m heading up to Washington State for some gigs this weekend, but before that I’m going to Astoria, OR to see where The Goonies was filmed!

Here’s a little summary of the California leg of the trip:

California is so beautiful. And as for R2D2… met him in the lobby of Lucasfilm. What a thrill!!!

California is so beautiful. And as for R2D2… met him in the lobby of Lucasfilm. What a thrill!!!

Until the next time, take care and stay groovy!


Dave, Penelope, the Anti-Gravity Cats and I are heading to the US!

Yes my friends, the ANTI-GRAVITY TOUR has begun! I'm in the US for a YEAR spreading good vibes, meeting lovely folks and hunting for the good chocolate and exceptional coffee. It will be tough, but we're ready!

Starting in Colorado and then who-knows-where, we are off on our adventure. Dave will be busy keeping the Anti-Gravity Cats in check (they're a handful!), making sure Penelope doesn't elope with the first gorgeous person she meets (she falls in love easily), and making sure I get my choc and coff (that's all I need).

Wish us luck! xo

And so it begins....

And so it begins....

Scoring again! Yay!


10 Tracks
3 minutes

Sooooo I'm back in the filmscoring world and I have 5 projects I'm involved with in the coming months! I'm so excited and inspired by the amazing creatives I'm involved with!
I wanted to share my latest demo with you so you can see other musical sides of me. I've got some pretty big goals ahead and this is just the tip of the iceberg! 10 tracks 3 mins!

Having a blast as Musical Director!

In the winter of 2017 I was asked to be the Musical Director for a New Musical Comedy of "Sword in the Stone" -  written and directed by James McDonald of the Rainforest Theatre Company.

With a super-talented bunch of young actors we performed the show at the Burnaby Village Museum over Christmas. I created an underscore for the show and arranged some classic pop tracks to be sung by the actors.  I was also performing the music during the show as well as providing the pre- and post-show music.

It was so much fun! Everyone did an amazing job. Such a privilege to part of it.  

Some serious boyband-esque choreography during the show

Some serious boyband-esque choreography during the show

LOD music nominated for Best Score at the Clifton Film Celebration in Virginia

Six pieces of LOD's music are on the soundtrack for "Falling South", an independent film making serious headway through the 2017/18 US film festival circuit. Featuring 3 LOD songs: "I Think I'm in Love" and "A Little Confused" and "Borrow Your Love" (the latter co-written with Jan Linder-Koda).

We are thrilled to announce that the film was recently nominated for Best Score at the Clifton Film Celebration in Virginia. 

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Lorraine Portman, the film is about Charlotte, who puts Rochester in her rear view as she runs away from the life she has now.  She has never been on her own and doesn’t know if she’ll make it as her resources are stripped away.  She meets diverse women who offer connection, insight, and laughter on the road to Florida and a possible new life.

“Falling South” has been recognized by numerous awards by various institutions including Best Short Film, Best Produced Screenplay, Best Director, Best Cinematography, and the “Every Woman” Award for best film, short or feature depicting “woman’s experience.”

Click this link or on the pic below to watch the trailer featuring the song:



Short film starring Madeline Barr, Erika Ervin, Marlyn Mason, Eric T. Miller, Neil Tyrone Pritchard, Hudson Rhotenberry, and Ashley Larsen. World premiere July 1 in The Cayman International Film Festival on Grand Cayman.

An Amazing year being part of the Beyond Music Program

This video put together by the Vancouver Arts Colloquium beautifully sums up the joy of being part of the first year of the Beyond Music Pilot Program.

There are no words to express how much these kids brought into our lives. 
Max taught violin and was such a great supporter of my side of the program. Lara, Tatiana, Jonathan, Susan and the other volunteers were so amazing to work with and the kids loved them!

It was an experience I will never forget.

Working on the 24K Cupcakes song. Yes. Inspired by Bruno Mars. Tamara's idea!

Working on the 24K Cupcakes song. Yes. Inspired by Bruno Mars. Tamara's idea!

Purple Fox and the Heebie Jeebies has a LOD Co-Write

I'm thrilled to be part of the latest Purple Fox and the Heebie Jeebies album "My Purple Fox"! 

With super-talented Josh Friedman - the captain of the band - and also super-talented Cameron Stymeist, I got to co-write what became the title track of fun and funky songs for kids on this album. Check it out here on CD Baby whether you have kids or not :)

About the Artwork for "Little Stories"

Excited! Here is the artwork for my new album, "Little Stories", coming out this summer. 
Conceived and designed by my friend and amazing artist/photographer/lovely person Danielle "DZ" Vennard. I basically said, "Here are the colours I'd like you to use and GO!" and this is what she created. I love it! 

If you would like to know about her creative process for this album art her artist statement is below.

To see more of Danielle's work please check her out at dzartworks.daniellevennard.com

Land of Deborah Little Stories Album Art

Artist Statement for the Cover Artwork for Land of Deborah - Danielle Vennard

Deborah asked me if I’d be interested in designing her album cover artwork for “Little Stories.”  Although I have no experience creating album artwork she thought it would be cool to see what I could do in the style of my charcoal drawings I had been working on.  I was uncertain at first that I can design the entire cover but at very least some artwork that could be integrated would be the goal. 

I knew starting out I wanted create a portrait or multiple portraits.  I scoured her Facebook looking for images of her that stuck out though many did as she is a very strikingly beautiful person (inside and out).  I found four images that were the most pleasing to my eye and decided to create four individual drawings of her.  The thought was to have multiple options depending on what Deborah liked best for the cover but then the idea to arrange them all in one composition became intriguing.  Not only in a two-dimensional arrangement but to place within a scene as if they were paper dolls in a diorama. 

To make this work I did something I have never done with my drawings and I cut out her forms to separate from any paper background.  I photographed each one individually on black matt board in case they would be arranged later via Photoshop.  Then I grabbed yellow and orange paper to use as a background color and began working on a composition with all four portrait drawings.  I started as flat as I could get it and then began moving them around and adding extra lights to create dramatic shadows that gave the portraits a sense of taking up more space.  Ultimately two of the portraits fit together in a more pleasing way and best made sense together even though the scale of Deborah in one is so much smaller than the other.  This dual portrait (one of her smiling and one of her looking more thoughtful) would be the focus. 

While creating this piece, I had been engrossing myself in art documentaries, one called, Abstract, The Art of Design.  One episode centered on the artist, Tinker Hatfield, most noted for his shoe design.  In this episode, he talked about how he had designed many shoes for the Nike Air Jordan line.  He was asked to design the 20th edition and the design reflected all 20 years of Michael Jordan’s career as a pro athlete by using icons that represented each year.  This spurred an idea for Deborah’s cover by using icons to represent the imagery in all twelve of her songs on “Little Stories.”  The arrangement of the icons was done to create a feel of tapestry or lace type repetitive design.  The tapestry was then applied as a layer on top of the background image of the colored paper.  The photograph of the two portraits was on top but the multiple shadows also weaved in and out of the tapestry. 

The final design showcases many art mediums I have passions for.  It was one of the most in depth pieces I have ever created since graduating from art school in 2007.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to make this for not only a talented singer/songwriter but also for someone who by chance became a dear friend after meeting at a creatives conference in January of 2016.  

LOD song "Borrow Your Love" featured in trailer for "Falling South"

My song "Borrow Your Love" (co-written with Jan Linder-Koda) is featured in the trailer to Falling South, written and directed by the lovely Lorraine Portman. I'm thrilled to have a number of songs in this movie. It premiers at the Cayman Islands International Film Festival next month.
Love this film. A great story.

I'm very grateful to be part of it. Click below to watch...

Falling South poster.jpg

Mentoring SOngwriting for the Beyond Music program - update

I have been part of the Beyond Music Program since October as the songwriting mentor for children of the Musqueam Nation here in Vancouver. It's a free year-long after school program co-inspired and co-developed by three neighboring institutions: the Vancouver Arts Colloquium Society, UBC Shine On Music and the Musqueam First Nation. Tailored for Musqueam youth Grades 5-8 meeting once a week at the Musqueam Community Centre.

These kids are so creative and full of life, it's been a pleasure to get to know them. We write songs, play games and talk about what's going in their lives. It's a privilege and an honor to be part of this program. 

Tamara edits The 24K Cupcake Song 

Tamara edits The 24K Cupcake Song 

The Grilled Cheese Sandwich Song we wrote

The Grilled Cheese Sandwich Song we wrote


UPDATE: Chaos Management won Best Short Foreign Film at ARFF!!!

So Dave and I are in Austin, Texas right now for the Austin Revolution Film Festival (ARFF) from Sept 20-24th. You may remember me mentioning "Chaos Management", a short film I scored last year. The lovely Writer/Director/Producer/ of the film, Michelle Muldoon sent me here to represent Team Chaos at ARFF and we're very excited! Not only do we love film, but we're also nominated for Best Foreign Short Film. "Wahoo!" says Dave.

Dave outside the Alamo ARFF 2016

Chaos Management has been having a great run recently:

MartialCon, California - Winner, Best Director
Covellite International Film Festival, Montana - Winner, Best Short Film
The Go West Festival, California - Runner Up, Best Action Short Film
Vancouver International Women In Film Festival, British Columbia - Official Selection
NOVA Film Festival, Virginia - Official Selection
Action On Film International Film Festival, California - Official Selection
Valley Film Festival, California - Official Selection

We're very proud to be part of Team Chaos and thrilled for Michelle who is a great friend and creative collaborator. Now we're off to meet some lovely people and see some great films!

Ciao darlings!

Meet Dave...

I brought along a friend of mine as I set off for LA and the UK this winter. His name is Dave. 
Waaaaay more interesting to look at than me. We did lots together and we'll do much more. He's a great traveling companion, roadie and all round good egg.

(For more adventures with Dave keep an eye on my Facebook and Twitter pages)

 Dave in Hollywood and at Sequoia National Park

 Dave in Hollywood and at Sequoia National Park

Dave in York

Dave in York

Dave in Alnwick, Scotland

Dave in Alnwick, Scotland

Dave at The Tower of London

Dave at The Tower of London


I scored a short film this summer called "Chaos Management" which was written and directed by my good friend and collaborator, Michelle Muldoon. It was shown the other week at the Action on Film International Film Festival in Monrovia, California. Yay!

The film is only 3 minutes long and there is music throughout. I was the first person to say to Michelle, "Are you sure you want music through the whole thing?!", but she had her vision and, as usual, she was right.

I love working with Michelle. It never feels like work! This project was a joy to be part of and I'm very proud of the music I wrote and performed. It's an instrumental score with an electronic ambient vibe which I love to do. I also love the film. "Quirky" is an understatement!


The music video for my song "Hey You" is nominated in the Best Music Video category this year. Very excited and thrilled that more people get to see this piece which I'm still very chuffed to be a part of.

The marvelous director of the video and my good friend and collaborator, Michelle Muldoon, talks about it in her blog here.

Click here to watch the video

Yay team!

NOVA Laurel 2014


It's out! Click here or on the photo below to watch my new music video, "Hey You":

I am so proud of this video. Conceived and directed by my long-time collaborator and friend, Michelle Muldoon, she took my song and created something beyond my imagination.

“Hey You” is about connection and space. Using dance as the visual medium to illustrate a relationship we explored the idea of reaching for another person both emotionally and physically. The principal characters of the dance are two women and their relationship is deliberately ambiguous.

The singer is separate from the dancers so allowing us, the audience, to share her perspective as we watch the relationship of the two characters evolve. The dancers are seen as if in rehearsal, so we are witnessing a moment that is private between them. 

Both Michelle and I are keen to show relationships not often seen in the mainstream media. This project was an opportunity to examine human connection as well as create something beautiful to watch. I love it!

I am eternally grateful to the cast and crew:

Michelle Muldoon for her creative and directorly genius, (click here to read her blog post about her creative choices for the film)
Thomas Billingsley for his beautiful work as DP, 
Maxine Chadburn and Kelly McInnes for their delicious performances and Maxine's choreography,
Mauri Bernstein for her gorgeous editing, 
Michelle Lamberson for her stills photography prowess, 
Michelle Carrington for her make up excellence, 
Jo Pipes for pushing that dolly around and making it look so effortless, 
Eric Carbery for superb gafferness, 
Lisa Ovies for her generosity and humour,
Rebecca Hales for her hard work before and during the shoot,
Neil Menard for keeping us all in focus,
Marc Baker for keeping digital things organized and numerous other activities I didn't see.

It takes a village and I'm so glad you were in mine!

Big lurve to you all!