It's out! Click here or on the photo below to watch my new music video, "Hey You":

I am so proud of this video. Conceived and directed by my long-time collaborator and friend, Michelle Muldoon, she took my song and created something beyond my imagination.

“Hey You” is about connection and space. Using dance as the visual medium to illustrate a relationship we explored the idea of reaching for another person both emotionally and physically. The principal characters of the dance are two women and their relationship is deliberately ambiguous.

The singer is separate from the dancers so allowing us, the audience, to share her perspective as we watch the relationship of the two characters evolve. The dancers are seen as if in rehearsal, so we are witnessing a moment that is private between them. 

Both Michelle and I are keen to show relationships not often seen in the mainstream media. This project was an opportunity to examine human connection as well as create something beautiful to watch. I love it!

I am eternally grateful to the cast and crew:

Michelle Muldoon for her creative and directorly genius, (click here to read her blog post about her creative choices for the film)
Thomas Billingsley for his beautiful work as DP, 
Maxine Chadburn and Kelly McInnes for their delicious performances and Maxine's choreography,
Mauri Bernstein for her gorgeous editing, 
Michelle Lamberson for her stills photography prowess, 
Michelle Carrington for her make up excellence, 
Jo Pipes for pushing that dolly around and making it look so effortless, 
Eric Carbery for superb gafferness, 
Lisa Ovies for her generosity and humour,
Rebecca Hales for her hard work before and during the shoot,
Neil Menard for keeping us all in focus,
Marc Baker for keeping digital things organized and numerous other activities I didn't see.

It takes a village and I'm so glad you were in mine!

Big lurve to you all!